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  • Why this site?
    • To present interesting health information and health theories
    • To present amusements
  • What is “grithin”
    • A combination of the term “grith” (prescribed peace) and “griffin” (apex predator). Until the world is ready for cooperation, peace must be enforced through dominance or power balances (mutually assured destruction)
  • Primary belief
    • We exist as instances of a pattern of localized enthalpy, also known as dissipative structures. We will likely see more advanced instances that will replace us – likely created by us. And, the pattern may lead to a looping universe (big bang, expansion, contraction, big bang), a stagnant high energy density universe, or it may fail resulting in an infinitely low energy density universe.
  • Words of advice
    • Niceness is a terrible vulnerability in a society of selfishness
    • Regularly retract your egos to see where they fail
    • Expose yourself to brief periods of high pain (social, physical) so that you can decrease its weight as a factor in decisions

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