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As A System

What you see in the above image is that there are multiple interacting antioxidants. And, just like with protein, how much you need is dependent upon your own activity and biology. Further, in cases like vitamin c, the amount not only has to be reflective of the rate of the overall antioxidant pathways, but also needs to be in a proper ratio, or can cause disbalance.

So, somethings to note about intake:

  • is the antioxidant’s oxidized product something the body either recycles well or excretes well?
  • is the antioxidant a part of a system of reactions?
  • how does increasing that antioxidant affect the system?

Factors For Intake

If you have a higher rate of metabolism, or if you are burning primarily glucose, you may need higher amounts of antioxidants.

But, in modern life, we have to consider there are many unnatural causers of oxidation that have to be mitigated against:

  • EMF
  • Bad Food
    • Lipid peroxidation (rancid oils)
    • Protein denaturation (processed food)
      Missing or unbalanced nutrition
  • Air Toxins
  • Toxic Resideus
    • Toxic clothing
    • Plastics


  • Exercise will entice your body towards a higher manufacturing of antioxidants.
  • Glutathione, or a component precurser NAC

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